Dress Code Policy

Golf Dress Code

At all times on the golf course and practice areas, men and women (i) must wear collared shirts (except that shirts without collars may be worn only if they have sleeves and were specifically designed for golf), (ii) must wear shorts of Bermuda-length or a style made for and designed for golf; and/or (iii) must wear acceptable slacks. Golf hats and visors must be worn with the bill facing forwards, not backwards.

The following types of clothing are prohibited on the golf course: cargo shorts, denim of any kind, shorts more than 4” above the knee, cutoffs, tennis shorts or running shorts, tennis-length skirts, tee-shirts, tank tops, sweatshirts and warm-up suits.  If Members or Guests are in doubt concerning attire, please check with the golf shop.

Golf Shoes

To maximize the playing condition of our golf course and practice areas, all players must wear nonpenetrating, spikeless or soft spike shoes subject to approval by the golf shop. Players assume the risk of injury associated with utilizing spikeless shoes under all conditions. To minimize the risk of slipping or falling, be careful when walking in wet conditions or on hills or steep slopes, dead grass, bridges, platforms, steps and railroad ties, or on hard smooth surfaces or in golf carts.